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Acclimatizing fish to a dirt-based planted tank

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Acclimatizing fish to a dirt-based planted tank Empty Acclimatizing fish to a dirt-based planted tank

Post by Shell on Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:03 pm

I could not decide if this should go into the plant section, or the fish section - but because it relates more to the well-being of fish, I think it fits nicely here!

I know I have mentioned dirt tanks in previous threads. I, however, have not dedicated a thread to the transfer of fish to dirt tanks specifically.

Now, this may be a silly question, but to me, it is not as I have no clue! We have (sort of, still on the fence!) decided to transfer our two angelfish into our 55 gallon dirt-based planted tank when ready. Our plan is to get the tank up and running, with dirt, topped with substrate, and lots of plants within. We are thinking of taking our time, allowing the plants to establish, etc. I was wondering if, after about a month or two of this tank running, would it be helpful to incorporate some of the water from this tank in with the clean water from the well (used for water changes) for water changes for the angelfish? Might this help them to acclimatize to the difference in water chemistry due to the dirt (I.e better prepare them for the transfer)? I am thinking perhaps one quarter of the tank water from the dirt tank, and the rest being water from the well.

If this is a good idea, great, let me know! If this is a silly idea, also let me know Laughing - this is my first dirt tank, and I really am unsure of the best way to do this Wink

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Acclimatizing fish to a dirt-based planted tank Empty Re: Acclimatizing fish to a dirt-based planted tank

Post by caoder on Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:17 pm

You can check your water's chemistry with w/e test kits you may have, however there *should* be no real difference in water chemistry. You need to be careful of ammonia and nitrates when first starting up the tank, but after a while it should be fine.

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