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Good fish to clean tank?

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Good fish to clean tank? Empty Good fish to clean tank?

Post by Jbid on Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:21 pm

I have a cycled 15 gallon beginner tank with 2 live plants and 2 cardinal neons. I have fluval stratum substrate and a "path" of regular natural colored gravel down the middle. I've noticed the gravel is getting kind of yellow and there is also stringy algae growing.
I removed 2 plants yesterday that were not looking too great. And I stopped using the plant fertilizer for about a week. I would like to add a few more fish at the end of this week. Are there any types of fish that are good to help clean this mess up? I wanted to get a big snail but apparently they will eat the plants.
I'm also regretting putting 2 types of substrate because I have no idea how to clean it without mixing everything up. Suggestions anyone?

Fish Fry
Fish Fry

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Good fish to clean tank? Empty Re: Good fish to clean tank?

Post by Repteel on Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:42 pm

Otos and ghost shrimp are some smaller common algae eaters. Could also try some floating plants to absorb the excess ferts in the water. Reducing the light might slow the algae too. I think the fluval stratium has lots of nutrients.

As for the gravel turning yellow it might be diatoms which seems to happen in newer tanks and usually passes with no harm. As for the gravel mixing I'm not sure if there is anything you can do at this point.
Angel Fish
Angel Fish

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