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Base rock in fresh water tank ?

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Base rock in fresh water tank ? Empty Base rock in fresh water tank ?

Post by Jaaaay on Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:10 am

Hey all new to the site , had a few freshwater tanks when I was younger and did saltwater for a few years then stopped for a while . I’m attempting to make a fresh water aquarium look like a reef tank in some ways . Im using base rock that’s imitation coralline algae , was also going to go with a sand bottom . I’m told the ph will drop due to the base rock , I’m gonna be using in my hang on back filter, a filter bag with peat granules in the space that’s open. I’m curious if anyone has ever done this before and if so what sort of luck did you have? As far as fish I was going to be putting in the tank glo fish danios and tetras for the most part . Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Fish Fry
Fish Fry

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Base rock in fresh water tank ? Empty Re: Base rock in fresh water tank ?

Post by alexmtl on Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:01 am

Hi Jaaaay,
Welcome to the forum. No I have never tried this but I do know of members who use locally collected stone and pebbles for use in the aquarium. There is quite a bit of cleaning that goes on as well as steps to ensure that whatever leaches out does not harm the fish. Just my thoughts on the use of base rock material: the source is key and if it is coming from a quarry then you will need to know what conditions were used to extract the product. If it is recycled then so much more care should be used to understand where it came from. I do not know what part of Canada you are from, but I know that areas like Georgian Bay and Lake Huron have some incredibly beautiful rocks that are pitted dolomite, resembling a coral background. Best of luck, and hope to see your results.
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