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Sad evening in Hanoi

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Sad evening in Hanoi Empty Sad evening in Hanoi

Post by Biulu on Sun Sep 06, 2015 8:53 pm

Yesterday I arrived in Hanoi and after the first briefing with the team leader, I was full of anticipation to visit the famous Hang Dao street where many aquarium shops were located. I was full of anticipation as the last time I was here (4 years ago) I had found beautifully planted tanks and hoped to find the new plant species that had made it to the market since then, notably bucephalandra and pinatifida etc. Plus more aquascaping.

Unfortunately the opposite was true; my favourite shop that used to sell I don't know how many different types of moss, small foreground plants and lots of nice reddish light loving plants did not even have 1 planted tank anymore!

I asked the owner what happened and thanks to his son that could translate, he told me that 'he was not good enough in aquascaping'. I told him that I had loved his tanks and that he shouldn't give up and have at least one planted tank on display, but he refused. He said people would then ask him to reproduce the tank in their home and it would fail...

This is how he sells his plants now:

Sad evening in Hanoi 21018659719_1b7f1cdaa3_zDSC03488 by Biulu, on Flickr

Sad evening in Hanoi 20582778764_b90ceeac88_zDSC03489 by Biulu, on Flickr

At least he still had a decent selection of small fish which the other ones didn't have anymore either. It was all kois, arowanas, parrot cichlids and these famous flowerhorns.

Sad evening in Hanoi 21194578792_747f0a1084_zDSC03441 by Biulu, on Flickr

Sad evening in Hanoi 21018152609_111deb2f42_zDSC03443 by Biulu, on Flickr

Sad evening in Hanoi 21017472688_a91b34b31b_zDSC03454 by Biulu, on Flickr

This guy complete with 3 chins costs a whopping 250 USD
Sad evening in Hanoi 21015865358_41cf330d3b_zDSC03473 by Biulu, on Flickr

And here you can see the product of Asian fish farms: the body shapes of many of these gouramis and rainbow fish is not as we know them....

Sad evening in Hanoi 21015384750_f8a43c6602_zDSC03493 by Biulu, on Flickr

Sad evening in Hanoi 21205430955_f12da2745c_zDSC03472 by Biulu, on Flickr

Sad evening in Hanoi 21017475358_5fbbc8d440_zDSC03459 by Biulu, on Flickr

In this store used to have a great selection of fish and beautiful seiryu type stones; look at it now.... Many tanks empty....

Sad evening in Hanoi 21179202996_37c6eed4a6_zDSC03486 by Biulu, on Flickr

This were the type of tanks that were popular 4 years ago: you can tell that this one has been there for a long time and wasn't sold. It had gathered a lot of dust and the owner that was back then busy setting up new tanks was now babysitting his grandchild.

Sad evening in Hanoi 21179552456_02ef7d2136_zDSC03460 by Biulu, on Flickr

Sad evening in Hanoi 21017462488_a5442af5f9_zDSC03449 by Biulu, on Flickr

And here you can see that they do not even know anymore how to plant decently....

Sad evening in Hanoi 21213327621_2fc5a182a5_zDSC03471 by Biulu, on Flickr

This shop had only 2 tanks with nutrient rich substrate and it was the only shop around.

Sad evening in Hanoi 21017466228_d5d6451598_zDSC03450 by Biulu, on Flickr

It seems that there is only still money to be made with this type of 'painting' tanks. As you can see they are at the most 15 cm deep.

Sad evening in Hanoi 21018602689_fc8e596365_zDSC03468 by Biulu, on Flickr

Sad evening in Hanoi 21018593299_708630ab4a_zDSC03462 by Biulu, on Flickr

I also came across this interesting filtration system; diy at its best....

Sad evening in Hanoi 21179221016_7d970b707f_zDSC03492 by Biulu, on Flickr

Sad evening in Hanoi 21177280616_a472b1f73e_zDSC03491 by Biulu, on Flickr

I cannot imagine that there is not anything better in Hanoi at the moment. I just hope that the business merely shifted to other areas and individual shops. I will try to find out the coming week and keep you informed.

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Sad evening in Hanoi Empty Re: Sad evening in Hanoi

Post by CAAIndie on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:59 pm

That's a shame to go in anticipating something, but not have it as imagined. Nevertheless I'm always pleased to see photos from your trips. They are truly a gem. What was the most interesting thing you saw there?

I do hope you are right that business simply shifted from one area to another. Looking forward to more updates on your wonderful journey. Continued good luck.

Sad evening in Hanoi Small_11
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Sad evening in Hanoi Empty Re: Sad evening in Hanoi

Post by Fores41 on Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:38 pm

Love your Photo's sorry to hear about the disappointment.
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