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Potamogeton Gayi

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Potamogeton Gayi Empty Potamogeton Gayi

Post by guppyguy on Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:17 pm

This is a easy to grow plant, since it makes few demands. This species is not too fussy about fertilization, and a medium light is sufficient for good growth. CO2 injection is not required, although it is beneficial for faster more robust growth. This species has a long adjustment period when planted, and care should be exercised in placement as to avoid the need for replanting. The narrow leaves range from an olive green to a reddish brown and grow to be 10cm long.

After a lengthy adjustment period it will rapidly spread throughout the aquarium via the development of runners. Frequent pruning is necessary and can be accomplished by topping and replanting the more robust top portions.
This plant should be planted in groups in the midground or background of medium to large aquariums. If lighting is intense and it is trimmed short and can also be used as a foreground plant in large aquariums where it can be mixed in with bright green plants like Glossostigma elatinoides. This flexible plant's variably colored fine leaves forms an excellent contrast to other broader-leaved or green stem plants. I use this plant as a back ground and definitely looks best in groups.  Cool 

Search for other Medium Light Plants species using the hash tag link #MediumLightPlants
Potamogeton Gayi Potamo10

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