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Do you tear down or change tanks regularly?

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Do you tear down or change tanks regularly?

Post by CAAIndie on Sun Dec 20, 2015 3:06 pm

I was wondering if any members regularly tear down/change their tanks? I know some of our planted members will completely change the look and feel of their tank, possibly by changing substrates, plant choices, and fish selection. I can see how it could be an appealing thing, particularly with multiple tanks. I always enjoy having a project with my tank, adding something new, or moving things around. I don't however usually make large changes in aquascaping as I probably could. I have had a couple of major changes in layout with substrate changes over the years, but never anything larger than that.

So a few questions:

How often do you change your tanks?
What do you change in them?
Why do you change them?


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Re: Do you tear down or change tanks regularly?

Post by Sbenson11 on Sun Dec 20, 2015 3:42 pm

That's an easy one,

Other then my two saltwater aquariums, there is nothing in my tanks other then fish Smile

So no I never tear down my tanks.


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Re: Do you tear down or change tanks regularly?

Post by GaryE on Sun Dec 20, 2015 3:47 pm

The only time I change substrates and rocks would be when I change geography - if I have a tank of Mexican fish with a mineral releasing substrate and want it to become a West African biotope with softwater, the substrate has to go.
With the luxury of many tanks, I have some that have had the same substrate and plants for 10 years.
I change fish species regularly, but 90% of my plants come from a buying spree of about 3 club auctions in the early 1990s. The carefully chosen and expensive at the time low light plants did well, spread, and now fill most of my tanks.

When I have a fish that hasn't become a favourite but that I feel I have learned what I want to from, I take it or it and its young to the local auctions, and let someone else get a crack at keeping it. In return, I get money for food, or for new species to learn about.

Sometimes a fish grows on me, my boesemani are taking more and more place. I'm always trying new breeding tricks or set ups, and I'll redo a tank for that, sometimes.
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Re: Do you tear down or change tanks regularly?

Post by guppyguy on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:01 am

I make changes both small and large. I will make small changes such as switching out a plant for what reason it maybe whenever the need arrives. Fish species in tanks do not move to often but only if I switch out a species completely. I will do larger changes such as a entire rescape or substrate change ever year and half or so. I do sometimes because the substrate might need to be changed out for a planted tank. But most of the time I do it because I like change and to keep my aqua scaping skills fresh and being creative. Setting up a scape with new and challenging ideas and figuring out layout for plants, rocks, and driftwood is something I really enjoy. But some tanks with slow growing plants with remain for years or if I really like a layout I have done. At the same time I have to keep the tanks functional for fish breeding as well. Makes for some great challenges.

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